Edmonton Ranked #1 City In Canada To Find A New Job



Finding a job is far from an easy task. University graduates and seasoned workforce veterans alike are having a hard time finding employment in Canada’s incredibly competitive job market; too many people are vying for a limited amount of employment opportunities. Maybe the problem is people are looking for jobs in the wrong places.

Toronto, Montreal, and Vancouver are the traditional Canadian metropolises people head to when seeking employment, as Canadians assume these cities have highest job growth. According to CareerBuilder.ca and Economic Modeling Specialists’ “Top Jobs for 2015 and Beyond” analysis, that assumption is wrong.

If Canadians want a much better shot at getting a job, they should head to Alberta. Or, more specifically, Edmonton.

Delving into which Canadian cities will have the “highest projected job growth from 2014 to 2020,” Edmonton ranked #1. Right behind Edmonton were Calgary, Regina, and Saskatoon, cementing the prairie-provinces of Alberta and Saskatoon as the Canadian provinces with the fastest/largest job growth.

To give you a sense of just how much these cities will have grow from last year to 2020, here’s a rundown of the “Top Jobs for 2015 and Beyond” study’s findings below.


Canadian Cities With Fastest Job Growth

  • Edmonton: 784,939 → 843,949 jobs by 2020, a growth of 59,010 (8%)
  • Calgary: 848,380 → 911,097 jobs by 2020, a growth of 62,717 (7%)
  • Regina: 147,497 → 156,177 jobs by 2020, a growth of 8,680 (6%)
  • Saskatoon: 169,651 → 179,499 jobs by 2020, a growth of (6%)

Lagging behind the cities of Alberta and Saskatchewan were Toronto, Winnipeg, and Vancouver, whose job markets are projected to grow by 5% by 2020. Montreal, Ottawa-Gatineau, and Quebec City are set to grow only by 4%, with Halifax in dead last with a projected job-growth of 3%.

As the study points out, “not all job growth is created equal” and certain occupational sectors are set to grow more than others. Within the top city for job growth, Edmonton, the sectors that will see the most growth are as follows:

Edmonton Job Sector Growth

  • Health & safety inspectors: 21% growth w/median hourly earnings of $36.52
  • Retail: 10% growth w/median hourly earnings of $11.72
  • Registered Nurses: 10% growth w/median hourly earnings of $40.90
  • Welders + machine operators: 15% growth w/median hourly earnings of $31.06
  • Administrative officers: 10% growth w/median hourly earnings of $23.86

Every city is a bit different in terms of job sector growth, so if you don’t see a field that applies to you in Edmonton’s breakdown, you may want to consider looking for employment in another city. To see all the details on the projected job growth for Canadian cities by 2020, head to the CareerBuilder.ca study here.

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